A TORC Welcome – A poetic welcome to TORC for newbies

by Apr 28, 2004Poetry

May your stay be long and happy
May you wander through our boards
May you never get too spammy
May you dodge the hunting Mods

Books can be quite serious
Movies are sometimes a war
Manwe’s talk is notorious
For provoking thought in all.

Adoptions are so friendly
In Art masterpieces hang
Language tests your vocabulary
In Eru the Valar sing

In Imladris quills are flying
At Toms we can laugh without words
Good times recalled at Gathering
The Inns house RPing worlds

Alliances are proud
Guilds share a common ground
Talk is always a fun crowd
Fandom is where swoonings found

Simple Questions belong in Virgin
While Man deals deals with the creator
In games we battle across the screen
Collectables for the fans of Weta

Yet no matter where you post
Friends will always be there
So I join with TORCs great host
And bid you welcome here


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