A Tale Of Graceful Star

by Apr 19, 2005Poetry

“A tale have I to tell you now
A tale of graceful star
A star that shines on heaven
So bright yet still so far.

That star is bound with grace
The grace of two white trees,
That once stood tall and fair
On shores beyond great seas.

In dream I see the light
The light within these trees
I hear the whispers of Valar
But neither can I seize.

Oh, shine for me, bright star
Light up my lonely night,
The sea is far too wide
I’m blinded by the sight.

Alone I walk here now
Alone and in despair
I long to be with you
In lands where all is fair.

Oh star, you see my pain
The pain that tears apart
My soul and mind and life
And wounds my bleeding heart.”


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