A Story within a Poem – The Battle for Middle Earth

by Jan 10, 2003Poetry

Morning comes and night fades
But the darkness never goes
For creatures young and great and old
Fight never-ending with their foes

Darkness covers the entire land
Morning light will never come
Until all join hand in hand
And bring the dawning sun

Kings and Queens and little folk
Go on with their daily lives
They know not what the darkness brings
For they are blinded in their eyes

All creatures great and small
Will fight ‘til morning’s near
For they are ignorant of their ways
And captivity is all they fear

People are happy, yet some still sad
For a battle has been won
But even though the battle’s over
The war has just begun

Heroes fight on, and many fall
A victory approaches near
The sorrow of death consumes the land
Darkness they no longer fear


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