A Steward’s Lament – Denethor’s Last Thoughts

by Dec 27, 2002Poetry

Music can heal a hurting soul
but all songs must someday come to an end.
Life knocks you down, then makes you whole
just to see you broken again.

Alas for the circle of sorrow
that turns in the deep of the night.
There will be no shining dawn tomorrow
for shadow has drowned its golden light.

Children far too quickly grow older.
We all suffer at the hands of change.
As the world around me swiftly grows colder,
I know nothing will ever be the same.

Alas for those who knew happiness and love;
our sorrows reach unto the stars.
Those shining lights, twinkling above,
hold a treasure that is forever too far.

Why is it that these days are mine?
That this evil should return during my reign?
No one will live, no light will shine.
No beauty will be left unstained.

Cry a raging river, then build a sturdy bridge,
so I can leap from it into the waters below.
If your tears are dry, ignite this stony ledge,
so death can at last bring peace to my soul.


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