A Question’s Journey

by Jan 12, 2004Poetry

Where do solemn trav’lers roam?
Following roads so far from home?
Through empty streets, o’er mountain peaks?
To tread where no stray wind has blown?
Where do lonely eagles fly
So man nor beast can hear them cry?
So sad and free! What could it be
That marks the tears behind the eye?
Where do forgotten mem’ries go?
To desert sands or mounts of snow?
They collect dust, such mold and must!
A sadness children never know.
Where does a story ever end?
On battle field or river bend?
Or do they chose the ‘why’s and ‘who’s
And travel on as long they can?
How far must one go in this sea
Of unrestrained hostility
To open minds and thus define
The force it was that made us Be?
How far is it to Destiny?
What does the future hold for me?
Wait patiently and you will see
You’re always what you’re meant to be.


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