A Quest – A Quest

by Dec 22, 2003Poetry

A Company of Nine
set out from Rivendell
in the long ago days of shine.

Headed into doom, they were
when in the deep mines of Moria
where not a thing stirred. (except for those bloody orcs)

Though little did they know
Whether friend or foe,
A balrog slept deep in the depth
of the mines of Moria where they crept.

After losing the wizard,
on they fought
through sun or blizzard,
on they sought.

Now not sure
Where their path lead,
Frodo and Sam went on with the “tour”
While Boromir lay in his death bed.

Gollum, the nasty creature he was
helped Frodo and Sam when they were condemned;
lead them to the gates, he did
And plotted a plan to murder them.

In the land of Rohan,
Where King Thedon thrives,
there forms a battle of Urak-Hai and Man
where only a war has ended many lives.

Little Merry and Pippin
safe and sound
as they linger with Treebeard,

There in Isengard,
Saruman awaits
a suprise attack from the Ents
and is Isenguard’s fate.

The men of Rohan have won the war,
the orcs fled from Gandalf The White,
who returned from the depths of old ‘or
Now they look south, to Mordor, they now fight.

It seems so amusing
that all can be caused
over one little ring,
the whole middle earth paused.


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