A Praise to Lady Arwen – A poem.

by Mar 15, 2002Poetry

“A si i-dhuath
“U or le a u or nin.”
by Paige Ruff

Lady of Rivendell,
Who has much to tell,
has traveled far,
Arwen Evenstar,

Her voice is heard,
ringing clear across the land,
you can hear her chant,
you fear that she can’t,
stop the Ringwraiths,
yet she somehow suceeds,
her greatest of deeds.

She’s a rare beauty of the elves,
she’s fallen in love,
with a mortal man,
who is more than he seems,
an heir to the throne,
of Gondor.

She gives him her heart,
and her life,
of immortality,
Arwen Undomiel.


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