A powerful thing

by Mar 23, 2005Poetry

My heart is bursting, thirsting
so caught up I can’t feel the ground
flying, careening
can’t seem to come down
this feeling surrounding me
like a remedy to my sad soul
needing, wanting
it has taken hold.

My feelings fragile as clear glass
seen easily through
in your shining eyes reflecting
my hidden truth
our dreams escaping
intermingling in the dark
pulling us closer
tangling our hearts

That dream is a love
suspended in time
surrounding my heart
cocooned deep inside
waiting for unrivaled passion
to pierce its hard core
allowing emotion to spill out
deeply hidden feeling to bore.

Strong people will fight for it
by any possible means
in them a determined desire
to fullfill a dream
others will cling patiently
for their dream to unfold
writing tearful thoughts from their hearts
of the man they long for
either way there’s no denying
love is a powerful thing.


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