A Poem From Pippin

by Jul 28, 2004Poetry

I never thought that I would leave the Shire
And go on a long journey
I always wanted to see the elves
And that’s what I got to do
At the Council of Elrond
The fellowship formed.
Frodo bravely said that he would take the ring.
Then two men, a dwarf, and elf said they would go
And Sam ran out there,
Merry said, “Come on Pip,”
So we ran out there too.
When we entered Moria,
We made our way to Balins tomb
There I made a `fool’ of myself
By making the drums start.
After we had killed some Orcs
We ran to the bridge of Khazad-Dum
Where my good friend Gandalf fell
But we all were sad at our loss
But we had to go on, and we did
We made our way to Lothlorien
Were we met Galadriel
Then on to the Great River
And then to Parth Galen
Where we got attacked by Uruk-Hai
Merry and I tried to get Frodo out of harms way
But we realized he was leaving
I wanted to go with Frodo
But I knew my place not to,
Instead I stayed with Merry
And watched my good friend Boromir die.
We fought for our friend and instead
Got carried off by Uruk-Hai.
We stopped to rest but
Got attacked by the Riders of Rohan.
We ran into Fangorn forest
Meeting Treebeard we did
And I saw the white wizard
Who was actually Gandalf,
I helped flood Isengard,
I saw the eye,
I went into battle,
And I Peregrin Took,
Was there,
I helped in the war of the ring


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