A New Age – Daeanna

by Feb 18, 2004Poetry

No more does Estel walk here
No more does the Evenstar shine
The Ringbearers pass to the East
History has died

The Sons of the Steward are no more
And the great heir of Theoden King
Has passed with his sister from this mortal shore
Like a thunderclap paired with lightning

Oh where have the fair days gone?
And where is our leader of men?
The shadow is growing from out of the South
It is time that we need him again

For into great tales they were written
And into great songs they were sung
But now we are left with immortal daughter
And an heir still considered a son

Darkness and shadow are rising
A white fog now covers Mordor
Whispers of old fears and tidings
There will once more be war on Gondor


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