A Most Dear Cost

by Aug 20, 2002Poetry

Elves all leave Middle Earth. Leaving their empty realms behind.
A Most Dear Cost

Silence echos through their halls
Their fair song and laughter gone
The threshold gathers dust
The empty halls glimmer with the light of dawn

But empty the elven halls and forest remain
And none venture there no more
For the elves have all gone
And left nothing but their legend and lore

Abandoned crowns
of silver gold
lying amongst the dust
Beauty lost in an age of old

Seasons pass and change
And many listen for an elven call
But all they ever hear
Are the crimson leaves that fall

Barely anyone remembers
How long the forest has slept
And now none shall ever know
The many secrets the elven realms kept

The elves are no more
They’ve left no traces of where they once stepped
Only the enchanting woods remain
Where many have sat and wept

Their elven friends
whom they have lost
They once roamed these realms free
Oh, Middle Earth you’ve paid a dear cost
For look at time’s price you once paid


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