A Man’s Dream

by Nov 7, 2003Poetry

A man had a dream,
of a lovely girl;
Whose hair was gold
and made of curls.
And in this dream he saw her dancing,
up in the sky, where the stars were prancing.

He looked around
and he saw,
this land was not beautiful at all.
A black and eery, dark, dark, space,
Even that a dragon could not place.

Then the girl
came down to him,
smiling though
the land was grim.
Boldly stepping towards the man,
reaching out to touch his hand.

Then she said
in a voice of silver,
“If your will be,
please come hither;
and let me tell you of a way
that you can keep me at your side to stay.”

“Go to the east
and to the west,
so you may,
pass this test:
Find the fastest ship in the world,
and there you may find me still young, when you turn old.”

So the man looked,
far and wide,
but he could not find,
the ship in mind.
Then as he was not young anymore,
he found it there, on the eastern shores.

As he stepped on
he found the girl,
still as young
and wise some more.
Then she said,”you are true,
for you did not stop looking, like most do.”

“God has blessed you
with a gift.
A gift that helps you
not to go to drift.
For all have failed this test but you,
for you have a heart of gold, and you wield it true.”


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