A Lovely Moment – A poem about my LOTR experience

by Aug 22, 2003Poetry

As the day drew near
I was nothing but excited
I had read the books
And I was truly delighted

I had known the story
And heard the reviews
But I was displeased
With having only previews

I was made to wait
For months, oh so long
Until finally it came
Like the ending to a song

Like a song so tragic
It made you want to cry
But the feeling soon left
Though I was about to die

There were laughs and there were tears
As the fellowship walked on
But the magic, no the brilliance
Of the film was soon gone

I had entered a world
Which I did not wish to leave
For three brief hours
My heart was filled with glee

There’s not really a way
To explain just what I mean
Other than telling you this
It was like entering a dream


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