A Light to my Heart

by Jul 20, 2004Poetry

A warning to whoever chooses to read this…though I am very glad you have actually taken the time to look at my work, I warn you that I haven’t posted on this site in ages, meaning that this poem isn’t really the best quality. It was very hastily written. I would love comments though, good or bad!

Her hair the golden waves of the sun,
Her cheek the stone-cold winter’s frost.
Her eyes a vivid pool of sorrow,
Her soul mourns silently; her hope, lost…

Alas! My heart aches for this fair maiden!
From whence she came my mind cannot tell;
This fair lady, this sad, cold beauty,
In her presence I could always dwell.

A white rose amongst black death,
A light to my heart in times so dark,
She is a glorious being to behold.
Forever my heart will bear her mark.


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