A Light in The Darkness – By Laura Legg

by Sep 6, 2002Poetry

Our dream is gone
Our lives are one
We can’t go on
It seems we’re done
I look around and no hope I see
It is so sad, we’ve worked so hard, and now you may not live.

But wait, what’s this?
A breath I see, a sigh I hear.
Are you alive or is something too near?
I could swear I heard your voice in my ear.
I look around and see a light
A sign of hope, love, and life.
There are no Orcs, I know for sure, they’re all too scared to set foot in here.

It is so great and now I shake the fear all off of me.
I carry you out and then turn about and fight all the Orcs from me.
We make it to the Mountain, you give up the Ring, and then we go home to live happily.


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