A Lament For Nienor

by May 7, 2004Poetry

You came to him as a wife,
and heeding not the half-dead worm beside him
bathed his wound with your tears,
gently bound his hurts
and softly called his name to no avail.
But the dragon heard you and with his last words
the veil over your clouded mind was lifted,
the memories rushed back.
Nienor, your given name,
daughter to ill-fated parents,
sister to a doomed man.
Sister to the very man whose wound she had just tended,
whom she had given herself to as wife.
Her heart died in that moment;
her body soon followed.
Swallowed by the cold waters of Teiglin,
or perhaps, like Elwing, you were turned into one of the
mournful sea birds,
forever circling above the grave of your “twice-beloved”.
Ah, Nienor Niniel,
you did not deserve the fate you were given.


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