A Lament for Mr. Tolkien – Poem, Song

by Dec 12, 2002Poetry

A Lament for Mr. Tolkien

How we longed to meet this brilliant man
Who satified our needs.
How can we not see
How he wrote extraordinarily.

His books we love.
We all know that.
How he wrote about the Hobbit Frodo,
And how Arwen couldn’t go.

A lament for Gandalf
Legolas couldn’t say.
Sma, Merry and Pippin
Were all somhow kin.

Boromir was from Gondor,
Eomer from Edoras,
Eowyn from the same place,
All love escaped from it’s case.

Aragorn son of Arathorn,
Soon to be king.
Gimli son of Gloin
Valued a Cave, but no coin.

A lament for Mr. Tolkien is what I’m writing,
Sadly his time had to pass.
We all loved his books
WHich we read in our little nooks,
We loved him dearly
Although we never knew him.
We would have thought him cool
As these holidays are full of yule.


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