A lament for hope – Eowyn’s reality, discovered hope

by Apr 12, 2003Poetry

I could not hope to fight this day,
For motion it is hold in sway
By emotion, hope faith and belief,
But I cannot hold these things.

If thee pity me, I beg thee not dispare
For I am the song of faith echoes in the air
And thou I do believe in naught
My heart shall in love long wrought.

I shouldn’t fear this echoed time,
But the heart that within mine
Doth beat in melodius way
For my heart hath found it’s way.

Yet love in told of deep desire
Is disturbed by Nazgul fire
As the city doth rain,
And the houses of healing hold naught but pain.

Yet I did love another, ’tis true
But from his spell I awoke, life found anew
And my sword it doth wield, swirl’d in the sky
For I rode in the battle wishing to die.

And the sword it hath left me,
Battle Awake! But alas, no warrior shall be
That is hopless of hope for thee,
My Lord, my compainon, my love thee shall be.


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