A Lament for a Queen – A Poem

by Jan 23, 2003Poetry

Why do thy tears pour so? Like the floods
Which one did roll over another mortal land
So far away, in years and miles, beyond the White Towers
Beyond the White Towers.

Sweet tears, pray do not wash away the stars
That lay hid deep in those deep, deep eyes.
What sadness now controlls thy heart? Is thy pain
Mixed with loathing? Did thee not wish to stay?

Tender heart, blessed with thy lovers love
Don’t cry for memories. For immortals do not cry so
As do the mortal men, to whome now you are kin.
How does thy grief compare to that chance of anoter life?

But, sweet Queen, Evenstar, Undomiel
The White Ship hath sailed away
And alone thee are now.
So cry tears in sadness and in pity
Upon the ground where thy King did rule
Upon the Fair White City.


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