A Lady-Goddess Fair – A poem of Elbereth Gilthoniel

by Jul 30, 2004Poetry

There was a lady-goddess fair
Who was Queen of Stars in air.
She had waving silver tresses
And soft silken dresses,
Her skin was like pale-white stars
That shine on us from afar.
Her eyes glowed with Eru’s shine
The light that is ever divine.

The stars she made, and set them in the sky
Few other works with hers can vie.
White and blue, red and green
By anyone they can be seen.
By her hand they were wrought
In Deep of time and thought.
She is the Lady of Stars fair
That shine through mist and air.

All loved her and praised her name:
Many were the songs to her they sang.
Elbereth, Tintalle, Gilthoniel
Her very name was a spell
To ward off evil darlingly
Verily, verily.
Fair lady, fair queen
Brightest ever seen.

Fair Lady in the heavens aloft
With hair and skin and eyes soft.
You made the heavens blaze with light
Against Morgoth to fight.
Varda, Queen on Tarmenel
Tintalle, Elbereth Githloniel


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