A kingly death

by Jan 25, 2005Poetry

Your departure from this world is near
Your people bow in mourning grace
As you willingly give up your life
Fates tears strewn down my face.
A new adventure for you to find
Within the woods of your young life
A rangers cloak once you adorned
A king to be is the fate you were born.

You seeked not glory in war
Or a hero’s gold medal to wear
Claiming the crown of Gondor
Was not your hearts first care.
Not nobility nor riches gained
Or a great castle in the sky
The one thing you truly desired
Was to be close to my side.
Still handsome as the day we met
When so long ago your promised me
Forever my heart you will keep
Until eternity.

Sorrow washes over me
As your lips whisper their goodbyes
Your grey eyes softly close
And your body faintly sighs
Your smile slowly disappears
As contentment greets your face
The breath of life escapes you
Leaving kingly grace.

A legacy in your wake you leave
An unbroken chain of kings
As your soul now sours
On free unbounded wings.
I know one day I’ll join you
Where the future meets our past
An image foretold in my dreams
Amongst the flowers where I once danced
But for now there’s one more gift to give
One more thing to last us through
One more kiss to bestow upon your lips
Until our secret rendezvous.


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