A heart without hope – Eowyn’s feeling about riding to war

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

Where do I go
For love and understanding?
Where do I go
When all the men have ridden away?
Where do I go
For hope?
Who will listen and understand?
If only I wasn’t so alone
Always I am alone
Through all these dark nights I have cried alone
But no more
I will be a shieldmaiden
I will seek glory, even be it in death
No longer will I stay home while my brother rides to war

Loneliness has been my life
For so long sorrow has filled my heart
So much have I lost, grief has followed me
My heavy heart, all my worries have brought me down
No more

And always he is on my mind
Could he be the one
Who will give love and understanding?
When he looks at me
I feel a strange hope
I find understanding in his eyes
And the pain of many years
I will follow him wherever he goes
Daughter of Kings I am,
Shieldmaiden of Rohan
And I am scared
But no longer will I stay
I will follow him to his destiny
What ever it may be

Renown and glory
Is that my fate?
To go with him?
What will I meet at the end of the road?
Honour at least in death?
I wish for no more
My road lies East with him
No matter what awaits me there

He has ridden away by the darkest road
And I am left behind once again
My heart is crying for his grievous destiny
What madness took him to attempt that way?
It is all too late now
Battle is vain
Why would he take to that evil road?

Ranger and Dunedain
Yet a son of Kings
Will he pass through and be victorious?
And I begged hin to let me follow
He would not let me
And I cursed my dark fate
My life ever filled with black despair
This is not my desire
I know I can fight
Let me at least die victorious
Let me die with him in battle
Let me die with honour
For die I shall if I am held prison here much longer
Always worrying, never sleeping
In the bitter watches of the night
Too long
But no more
I will go

I have shed my last tear in this house
The great plains of my own green land
So fair in the spring
But it has been so cold here through the long winter
We felt a long shadow spreading from the West
And an ever-growin darkness from the East
But where he goes I will follow
And perhaps he will pass through the darkness
And be victorious

Will I ride on the plains on the land of the horse-lords again?
No, I will sharpen my sword
And muster all my courage
And ride East
I will try to muster all my hope
Hope of seeing him again
But I can’t find it in my heart
Yet far East I will ride,
Even without hope
For the City of Kings burns with an evil flame
And perhaps I will perish there
An evil death
In the darkness of battle
Perhaps no one will ever know…
Perhaps the sun will never rise again
Over the green plains

I feel so cold
And always alone
Where do I go
For hope?


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