A Father’s Lament – Elrond’s loss and hope

by Jun 20, 2003Poetry

A Fathers Lament

Oh Daughter, my dearest daughter
This cup of parting is bitter
More bitter than any I have drunk
But drink I must and deeply

I remember the hour of you birth
Oh the joy you brought to our home
Your first word–more beautiful than song
Your youth–the peace of spring

You have become a portrait of beauty
Your grace is more delicate than spring rain
With the dusk your face becomes more lovely
Stars bring light to your eyes
It is with the dusk that our hope lies

What sorrow, what grief
That we must be parted
Tears do not express such pain
Where can I find comfort from such loss

The cup must be drunk
You and I will taste the bitter dregs
I must go and you will stay
Our parting has come

But I will look to the evening
To the dusk of all time
As the final sunset cross the horizon
Then each other we will find


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