A Father’s Farewell

by Jun 4, 2003Poetry

Every father knows this day would come,
The day he would have to let his daughter go.
Yet I never expected it to come like this.
You could have had any prince, of all the great Elvish houses.
I was prepared to send you to Lothlorien, if need be,
Because I knew that we could still see each other on occasion.

And even when you gave your heart to Aragorn, I was ready to accept it.
He could have joined us in the Undying Lands,
And we could have comforted you on his passing.
For what is a man’s life to an elf but a passing fling?
It is a wave on the sand.

But then Bilbo came and rested with us,
And told us of his ring, and I remembered Isildur.
Cruel fate that Isildur would curse me twice,
First my peace of mind, and now my daughter?
For I knew that Isildur had allowed the ring to survive, so his heir must destroy it.

O cruel fate! Could you not allow me my only daughter?
Sauron could have delayed his return for a generation or two;
Aragorn’s son could have destroyed the ring, or his son’s son.

Arwen could have had Aragorn, and I my daughter.
Fate, curser of my soul!

But it is not to be.
You shall have your happiness, at the cost of mine.
I cannot reconcile myself to it, yet I accept it. Go.


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