a fairytale in my dreams – it kinda ryhmes

by Sep 25, 2003Poetry

far far away from these lands i perceive
there is a beautiful glade
drips of sunshine streaming through
the tree tops onto the grass
where fire flies flutter upon
the crown of the trees
it is a beautiful sight
there near a old old tree
a small door i can see
a door which i open
seeing it is a small door i put my hand through
i feel air
i lay my head on my hands and see right through the tree
it is a magical tree
as i can see a whole new land
i see elf feet
the elf lays onto the ground and pokes her head at the entrace of the other side of the tree and bekons me
i tell her i cannot fit
‘come to middle-earth, come’
middle-earth i repeat
she offers me her hand
i take her hand
‘come mortal’


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