A Confused Love – A Poem by MyLegolas

by Jun 12, 2002Poetry

Eowyn and Faramir, their love was confused and lost but found.
A Confused Love

Eowyn, What is thy secret that you hide
Why do you toil here
Has all your hope,and joy just died
I wish to know for I hold thee dear

Faramir, you know quite clear
Why I am full of sorrow
The time draws near
And my secret becomes unveiled on the morrow

Eowyn, my beautiful flower
I see the one whom you love and fear
But do not cower
For there is another who loves you dear

Faramir, bewildered and confused my heart may be
For I was not quite listening to it
But now my love and destiny I see
My spirit has now been lit

Eowyn, you understand I love thee
But my heart is what you shall take
And joy is what surronds me
But if you say no my heart it will break

Faramir, I see you now
And what I feel is love
But tell me how,
You are so perfect,loving, and sent from above

Eowyn, nothing else shall matter
For my heart belongs to you
And if you shall take it,it will not shatter
But for that you already knew.


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