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The Return Of The King

See now the horse and rider
And the banners flowing
Hear now the shouts of war
And the horn that is blowing

See at thier head
The king of men
With Anduril
Now forged again

Mighty is Elessar,
His helm is of gold
His sword is of silver
The king of old

The spears are all leveled
The shields are in hand,
And banners are flying
across the land

For many long years
The people have yearned
For a king of thier own
He now has returned

With him comes hope
A thing of the past
For long it has been
Since they had it last

For long-doomed fate
Is not always binding
And the road of life
Is not ever-winding

All things, good or ill,
Must someday end
For blade once broken,
Is now forged again


The Last Alliance

Once long ago a battle great
Raged at Mordors eastern gate

There fought Gil-Galad the Elven king
Of whom the Elves long would sing

And with him the great kings of men,
Elendil and Anarion

For upon them Saurons shadow fell
And where they dwelleth no man can tell

But though however great the cost
The battle long was not yet lost

The prince Isildur then went forward
And grasped his fathers shattered sword

On that day History was made
For with Narsil’s broken blade,

Isildur, son of the king,
Cut from Saurons hand the ring.


The Three Hunters

Here come the three hunters
Out of the west
Doing now
what they do best

One with a bow,
One with an axe,
One with a blade,
In Orc skulls to make cracks

Looking, watching,
Searching the ground,
Looking left and right
And all around

For what are they searching?
Thier two hobbit friends
For they fear with the orcs
They have come to thier ends

The riders of Rohan
They meet on thier way
They say they met them

They slew without mercy
Every beast
They left none alive,
Not even the least

They lend them two horses
To help on the way
They ride on from there
For the rest of the day

They meet the grey wizard
In a forest there
He’s changed a lot-
He has white hair!

They don’t give up,
They find the two,
They have made some friends
That are quiet new

They far and wide
Will now be known
As the hobbits who had
Isengard over-thrown!


The Fall Of Khazad-Dum

Khazad-dum! Khazad-Dum!
No more alight beneath the moon!

Dark days upon you have descended
Your strong stone gates were well defended

By Durin’s dwarves who now have gone
To the bright lands so far beyond

The borders of the Eastern lands
No more to walk upon the sands

Of this world of darkness falling
Hear thier voices, mournful calling

The majestic halls now silent lie
And long has it been since dwarvish eye

has gazed upon the splendours there
Where music and laughter once filled the air

There glowing hearth shined ever bright
All wondered at the power and might

Of Durin’s dwarves, the craftsmen great
Whose halls now filled with deadly hate

In battle struggled through the night
Till there came to join the fight

An enemy from far below
Wreathed in flame and made of shadow

A Balrog came and brang the falls
Of Durin’s dwarves in thier mighty halls

The caverns of music then were stilled
And with an evil darkness filled

Now Moria, once Khazad-Dum
Is stilled of dwarvish voice or tune

The hammers echo is no longer heard
In Moria, where dwarvish word

Spoken in the dark days past
Is forever stilled at last.


Smeagol’s Precious

Hsst! Hsst! My Precious whats that?
A stupid hobbit, yummy and fat!
Hsst! Hsst! Gollum! Shall we eat it? Yes! Yesss!
But only if it a riddle will guess
We will ask first, My Precious, we will!
And then when he loses our tummy will fill!
Our tummy is hungry! Gollum, ach, ach!
He guessed it he did! How strange he does talk!
Ach! A sword he has got with a sting!
It must be a nasty elveses thing!
I’m getting tired! I wants some food!
That fat little hobbit looks so good!
He won he did! Ach ach Gollum!
We’ll get our Precious and then we’ll swallowum!
It’s gone! that hobbit has it, it does!
The riddle it asked wasn’t fair it was!
It’s got it Gollum! It does and it’s gone!
And I’m still stuck down here in this pond!


Shelob’s Lair

In the third age of the sun
A great deed was done
Shelob’s lair was overrun

In her lair there was a fight
In the middle of the night
Destroyed was she by Earendil’s light

She stung the ring-bearer on the head
Poor Sam was filled with dread
Because he thought Frodo was dead

But it was an amazing thing
He was not dead; He picked up sting
And trotted off to destroy the ring


The Passing Of The Elves

The power of the Elves is failing
Soon comes the time when we must be sailing

Sailing, sailing, far away,
Sailing from the Havens Gray

We must leave now middle earth
The ancient land of our birth

We must sail away from our forests fair
The rivers and valleys we long did share

With other Elves, will now, by Men,
Be inhabited again

Our peaceful time here now is done
Our boats are sailing one by one

For now is the hour of our leaving
To the land of beauty beyond believing



Lorien! Forest fair!
Void of worry want or care
Beauty dwells there all year round
Leaves cover tree and carpet ground
The elves that dwell in Lorien,
Have seldom heard there the steps of men
For of Mortal men there are but few
Who have seen there shine the day anew
There dwells the lady Galadriel
Clear is the water of her well
Those who enter that wood they say
Are not the same when they come away
Lorien! Forest Fair!
Void of worry want or care
Beauty dwells there all year long
Filled with laughter and elvish song



In Imladris, In Rivendell,
In the secret valley Elves yet dwell
There Autumn sun now dims it’s light,
Where shone as morning darkest night
There dwells Arwen Undomiel,
Elrond and Glorfindel,
In Imladris, the secret place,
Fading refuge of the Elven race


A Shortcut To Mushrooms

On one early morning bright
Merry and Pippen had a fright

They were making quite great haste
For by Farmer Maggot they were being chased

Frodo and Sam thought nothing could go wrong
When with Merry and Pippin they collided head-on

With stolen veggies they loaded the two
They ran to a cliff- what could they do?

They did not have much time to think
For while they were standing on the brink

Sam solved thier problem with a bump
And down the hill they all did dump

At the bottom a plan soon did hatch-
They landed in a mushroom patch!


The Path Of The Dead

Aragorn! Elessar! Elendil’s right heir!
Many trials must you face ere you are seated there
Upon Gondors throne, the crown on your brow,
Dark is your path, you realize this now.

Heavy the burden upon you is laid
You cannot turn back your desision is made,
Dark is the path appointed to thee,
The dead watch the road that leads to the sea

Look for your help where you expect it least
Not to the west, south. or east
Soon comes the hour when the lost should come forth,
Watch for the gray company out of the north.



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