A Call To Arms – Calling up the Home-Guard

by Jul 14, 2000Poetry

The shadows were growing long one night

when the farmer beheld a terrible sight.

From on the hilltop sprung a light,

though far away it still shone bright.

‘A war beacon’ the farmer thought

‘then war is come, and peace is naught.

Best get the lads ere we get caught

not fighting when the fight is fought!”

So off he went to roust his boys

and in the town the bells made noise.

When home, he told his sons with poise

“We must go ere the guard deploys!”

Then off they ran into the night

to answer the summons of the light

“Father, why hurry?” the youngest wanted to know.

“As the beacon has just begun to glow.”

The father replied “You do not know?”

The son said “Yes, it is even so.”

“If we would walk and would not run,

our country’d soon be overrun.

Orcs and trolls would have their fun

with all the elders, women, and young.”

Onward through the night they ran;

with others joining, as was planned,

and soon there was many a man

traveling light, covering much land.

Chasing away the night

in pursuit of the light.

Eventually they reached the base,

running hard as if in race.

An eager look in every face, but of the foe there was no trace.

The captain stood before the men.

He said “We’re gathered to defend

the land, our wives, our kin and friends.

We must stand firm, we dare not bend!”

“Our mission here is very clear.

To arm with sword and bow and spear.

Not to let the foe come near.

Stick together and have no fear!”

These brave men answered the battle call

and defended Rammas one and all.

Through their defense was not one stall.

They all stood firm, they all stood tall.

Defeating the night

their glory was bright!


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