A battle in darkness

by Nov 12, 2003Poetry

In a land of glory old
In a kingdom strong and bold
Darkness fell, devoured the sky
It is the coming of the tide

A war is coming to our lands
With sword and shield we arm our hands
Too few our men, no sign of hope
A heavy darkness stretching forth

We wait in silence
We wish for dawn
We send a message to our friends of old

Our foes are creeping upon our doors
It is now coming to take us all
Our hearts are beating a sad old song
Our courage leaves our hearts out cold
I feel the coming of the storm
I hear the ending of our world

Brace your hearts, Gondors men
There’s always hope where stout men stand
This may yet be your final day
But I will stop it if I may

For I am Eomer, Eomunds son
I come to stand for all our world
The king is riding by my side
We bring our horses to break the tide
Among us stand men strong and bold
Their presence equals numbers untold
Aragorn, Arathorns son
The wielder of the broken sword
He leads a company grey and grim
Elronds sons and his northern kin
Gandalf Greyhem no more
He is with us the council’s lord
The white rider will have to match
Our evil enemy all dressed in black

The west now stands against the storm
The wind is changing I feel it too
Before their hatred I’ll be reborn
I swear our foes this day will rue

And so it is the battle came
Thus died so many, young and brave
Now it is well known sung and told
What strength there is in men of old


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