2 christmas carols – cool

by Jul 27, 2004Poetry

Melkor, Morgoth, Darkfoe

you know Manwë,
and Ulmo,
and Tulkas,
and osse,
and Aule,
and Mandos,
and Eonwe.
but do you recall,
the most infamous Valar of all.
Melkor, Morgoth, Dark Foe,
was the best Valar of all,
but it went to his head and
he wanted to be Illuvatar.
none of the other Valar
folowed in his evil ways.
but then he built Utumno,
and thats how he got away.
then one dark and cloudy day,
Eru came to say
“Melkor whith your balrogs bright
dont ruin Varda tonight”
then all the Valar smote him,
out into the big abyss
“Melkor, Morgoth, darkfoe,
you’ll not again be missed!!!!!!!!”

here comes Illuvatar

here comes Illuvatar, here comes Illuvatar,
right down Illuvatar lane,
Manwë, and Ulmo, and all his Valar,
Pulling on the reins.
Elves are singing,
people swinging,
all is merry and nice,
so dont die looking for the Silmarils,
`cause Illuvatar comes tonight


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