Origin of Beorn – Fact, or Myth?

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Believe it or not, Beorn always wanted to be a bear, ever scince he was a child. To live like them, and to be a human at the same time. Beorn knew if he was a bear, other bears wouldn’t attack him, or anything else.
Beorn was walking through the woods, and heard some rustling. He turned around. He saw nothing. He heard the same rustling noises.
“Who’s there?” He yelled.
“Nobody…” Said a voice. It sounded nothing like a human.
“Show yourself!!” Beorn cried. Rustling. He turned around…
To his surprise, there was a bear. Not a complicatedly named bear. Just a bear. It growled, and Beorn stepped back.
“Follow me.” The bear said. It walked towards a river and crawled across a bridge. Suddenly, it stopped. It faced Beorn, as if he was a bear’s own prey. It closed its eyes, and Beorn felt something odd in his mind, as if he had just bumped into a tree. It growled again, then turned around and continued down the path. Beorn felt something odd about the bear. As if it really weren’t a bear. As if it was what he wanted to be.
The bear continued down the path, untill he had led Beorn into a medium-sized, beat up, covered-in-fungus cabin. He followed the bear inside, and then stood up on two legs and closed the door.
“Who and what are you?” Beorn asked, almost afraid to ask any more.
The bear said nothing. Just growled and did the most amazing thing Beorn had ever seen in his entire 20 years so far.
It stood on both legs, and its fur dissolved into its body. Its paws started to spread out, like fingers do. His claws turned the color of fingernails, and thats just what his claws turned into. Same thing with its toes. Its nose shrunk into its body, forming a nose. Beorn thought that the fur was coming back out, but it wasnt fur. It was a heavy, brown robe. in less than a minute, the Bear has transformed into a human being.
Beorn just stood there in awe. His eyes were wide open. His chin almost touched his neck.
” I sensed your dreams on the walk here. You want to be a bear, and a human at the same time.” The man said.
” Y-y-y-yesss.. mis-s-st-t-er..” Beorn stammered. He was horrified. “D-d-d-ont hurt me!!”
The man giggled, which turned into a laugh.
“What makes you think I am going hurt you?!? Im only here to help you!”
“Help me with what?” Beorn asked.
“To grant your wish, of course!” The man said cheerfully.
“Im going to be a Bear!!!?”
“Yes. Follow me.”
Beorn followed the mystyrious fellow into a beutiful room with walls of glass. In the center was a pool filled with an odd substance. He was suprised that the man called it water.
“Just walk into it, and your wish will be fullfilled.” The man said. Beorn walked into the water, not caring that his clothes got wet. he hit the center, then immediatley sunk to the bottom. He felt his body morphing. His body quivered. He floated to the top of the “water” and climbed out of the pool.
The metamorphasis went wrong. He came out as a human with fur.
“Whoops…” Said the man.


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