I’m glad you’re with me, Ringers, here at the end of all things …

by Jun 2, 2004Reading Room

The excitement has been building every minute since news of Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy was released. For long-time Tolkien fans, it was like a culmination of years of love for arguably the professor’s greatest work. For new Tolkien fans, it was the introduction into a world of hobbits, elves and dwarves.

I remember the world without Professor Tolkien and without LOTR. I remember life without TORn and Ringbearer, and all other wonderful websites that have informed us and connected us for the past few years. I remember how life was before I met the wonderful fans. Now I can not imagine life without all these things.

I know I am not the only one feeling a sense of loss and confusion at the end of this great journey we have all taken together. With the release of the ROTK DVD, and the extended movie expected in November, have we now come to the end of the road?

Some people may call us geeks, others call us obsessed. To the world, we are now known as Ringers. To each other, we are friends who share a common bond. A bond that can not be broken by time or space. It can not be broken by lack of release dates and DVDs. Like the heroes of our story and the actors who played them, we have all shared a journey and an experience that does not fade with time … we can not let it.

We must continue the websites, we must keep going to the conventions and signing the petitions. We must continue the updates and buying the merchandise. Most importantly, we must continue reading the books and watching the movies because we can not forget what brought us together in the first place … loyalty, love, trust, courage and most of all, friendship.

The Shire, Rivendell, Lothlorien … we must keep these places from fading. We must visit them again and again. We can not forget the sacrifices of Frodo Baggins or the courage of Samwise Gamgee. We must keep Gandalf’s wisdom and Aragorn’s bravery in our hearts.

We have all become friends and we have created the greatest community of fans in the world, and because of that I am going to argue that this is not the end, fellow Ringers … the road goes ever on and on.


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