How your Lord of the Rings obsession affects your family and friends

by Mar 22, 2008Humour

1. Your younger siblings are no longer afraid to go to sleep because you hung a poster of Aragorn wielding his sword by their bed.

2. The female members of your house hold have seen every new movie with Orlando Bloom in it.

3. Your younger siblings now call Santa, Gandalf.

4. Your parents have bought movie tickets in advance, without you asking for them.

5. Your father plays with your Lotr action figures.

6. Your newborn cousin’s first word was in elvish.

7. At least two other members of your house hold have have a Lord of the Rings desktop background or screensaver.

8. Your family’s Christmas cards feature a picture of Saruman in a santa hat on the front.

9. Your friends know not to mention ring in your presence.

10. Even your closest friends are contently going on vacation until The Return of the King is out of theatres.

11. Your friends refuse to go in a bowling alley with you because they know you like to stare at the bowling balls, insisting that there’re plantirs.

12. You bought rogain as Christmas presents for all of your family members for their feet to withstand the cold.

13. Your parents continually find their gold rings in the fireplace.

14. Your friends and you spend the entire lunch period at school deciding who looks most like which character.

15. You’re trying to decide what to do and go into "Smeagol" and "Gollum" mode.

16. You start quoting things from the movie randomly without thinking about it.

17. Every time you see a black horse you do a Righwraith scream.

18. Every time you look at your little brother your thinking, "the eye is ALWAYS watching."

19. You start having urges for lembas and tea.

20. You find yourself saying "my precious" to inanimate objects.

21. Whenever you go fishing you hear a little voice inside your head saying, "but Deagol it’s my birthday."

22. Every birthday part you have, when you blow out the candles on the cake, you wish for a sword, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, Liv Tyler, Miranda Otto (all of those depending on which sex you are 😛 ) or a PONY.

23. You start signing letters and emails "May the Valar protect you."

24. Everytime you see or hear potatoes, you get a sudden craving for fish and chips.


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