Caption Contest! – what are they really saying?

by Jun 21, 2001Humour

“I always find it helps to ask myself, ‘What Would Melkor Do?'”
Each week Tolkien Online will be having a Caption Contest, using stills from the film, or other Tolkien images. Week One: A row of Black Riders! But doesn’t it appear one has turned to another and is saying something? What is it saying? Submit your suggestions in the “Comment” area. But remember, this is a “family” site. Make it funny, and keep it clean! What is the prize for this contest? Only the satisfaction of a job well done:-).

Click on the picture to see a larger version, but remember to come back to this page to post your comment (don’t post it on the page with the larger picture)!

Want to suggest a picture for an upcoming Caption Contest? Email ElvenArcher!


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