Caption Contest, week six! – Saruman and Orc #4756…er… Lurtz!

by Jul 24, 2001Humour

“So, Lurtz, what you’re saying is that you spent 3 days in the Isengard freezers and still couldn’t find my vanilla ice cream?!”

Last week was the infamous Boromir Holding the Ring picture… this week it’s the even more infamous Lurtz! So, what’s going on here? Post your humourous captions in the comments section of THIS page (and this is a family site, so keep them clean!). If you want to see a larger image, click on the thumbnail to the right, but be sure to come BACK to this page to post your comment. Don’t post on the page with the larger image!

As always, the only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done.:)

Last week’s winner, going with the “Boromir holding the ring” picture, was “Look, its a simple choice – either I make it into the second film, or I swallow this now….” submitted by frealak.

A close runner up was “Poo! My pet mouse must have slipped out of its collar.” submitted by Veiled Aiel.


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