Caption Contest 70!!! – The Coming of Fingolfin

by Jun 20, 2004Humour

Fingolfin: Siblings SuckFingolfin: “Siblings Suck”

Yes, yet another scene from the Silmarillion! Fingolfin leads the Noldor across the ice of the Helcaraxë to Middle Earth. But what is he thinking? Or what are they saying? And why is that one guy looking behind him?

Think of a humorous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of this page. You can click the thumbnail to see a larger image, but be sure to use your browser’s “back” button to return to THIS Page before posting your caption. Do not post on the page with the larger image!

As always, the only prize is the “satisfaction of a job well done.”

Remember, Tolkien Online is a “family friendly” site, so keep all captions “clean” and “g-rated”.

Last week’s winner was Valandil_Eluchi with:

Finduilas to Turin: “If you’d told me earlier that you didn’t know how to cook for 5 orcs and a dragon, then we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

To see this and other past caption contests, click the “caption contest” link atop this page.

This week’s artwork is by Jenny Dolfen.

This week’s winner was idril_celebrimbal with “Siblings Suck” — and if you don’t understand that, you probably didn’t read the story yet. If you know the story, that’s a near perfect caption.:D:D:D

There were MANY good captions this week– click the “comments” section to read them. A few top contenders are:

“Bullocks to the Ban! We kill Morgoth and walk back home in time for supper!”

Fingolfin : “Well, this is DEFINITELY the last time we’ll ever join Feanor on a picnic…”

“Fingolfin’s wife, turning to their son Turgon: ‘If your father had only bothered to stop for directions as I asked we’d be there already!'”

” Wow! Look Galadriel! More mountains! ”

“I told you, Fingolfin, the minute you start feeding them they’ll follow you around until you give them more bread. Now they’ll never go back to their pond!”

“Fingolfin (to others): ‘Be prepared. There is nothing but rock and dust on the Helcaraxë’
Elf looking back: ‘Ooh, Starbucks!'”


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