Caption Contest 68!!! – Galadriel!

by May 12, 2004Humour

<!–,~,3275|right|How many Galadriael&apos;s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
,~,–>Galadriel, Lady of Light!

This week we’ve again chosen an image that is not from the film. Galadriel reveals her elven ring to Frodo and Sam! (who appear to be out of the picture at the moment– hmm… maybe she’s not revealing it to Frodo and Sam… maybe there’s another reason she’s standing like this…)

Think of a humorous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of THIS page. You can click the thumbnail to see a larger image, but be sure to RETURN TO THIS PAGE BEFORE posting the caption. Do not post on the page with the larger image.

Remember, TolkienOnline is a “family friendly” site, so keep all captions CLEAN and G Rated.

Last week’s winner was Frelga with ‘Gimli: “Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!”‘ To see this and other past caption contests, click the “caption contest” link atop this page.

Happy Captioning!

This week’s winner was “deadmarshes10” with “How many Galadriael’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb? “

runner up was dsfromnj with ” It’s my life dream to stand in New York harbor waving at the ships! “

There were many good captions this week- click the “comments” section to see them all!


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