Caption Contest 57!!!! – Frodo and Sam…

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Sam! Why didn't you TELL me you're an egg-layer!“Sam! Why didn’t you TELL me you’re an egg-layer!”

This week, a good many of us will stand in line, waiting to see how the Quest unfolds on screen. We watch the journey of Frodo and Sam, as they approach Mount Doom.

And here is an image of their journey. What is happening? What are they saying? Think of a humorous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of THIS page. (you can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, but be sure to come back to this page before posting your comment. Do not post on the page with the larger image).

Remember, Tolkien Online is a “family friendly” site, so keep all captions *clean*.

This week’s winner (out of some excellent captions!) was BalrogPRep, with “Sam! Why didn’t you TELL me you’re an egg-layer!” This truly bizaare caption had me laughing each time I read it.

Close runner up was original wombat with:

“SAM: Val-Da-Riiiiiii Val-Da-Raaaaaahhhh, Val-Da-Riiiiii, Val-Da-Ra-Ha Ha-Ha Ha-ha
FRODO: Right that’s it, that’s one chorus of “The Happy Wanderer” too many, now let’s find a really heavy rock “

Other top captions were:

“Peter Jackson is furious when the key grip gets the strings for the Frodo puppet fouled up. “

‘”Bark like a dog! Walk like a chimp!” Frodo realized that the instructions from the ring became more and more bizarre. ‘

“Sam struggles on, oblivious to the fact that Frodo is being attacked by a ravening pack of wooly jumpers.”

There were MANY good captions this week, so please click on the “comments” section and read them all!

Last week’s winner was ‘Artemis of Penns Woods’ with “Legolas: ‘PJ, you have to re-cast Boromir. He’s prettier than me!”  To see this and other past caption contests, click the “caption contest” link a top this page.

Wow… this week ROTK comes out… and our first caption contest was put up before Fellowship came out. It’s been a fun 4 years here on TORC! Happy Captioning, everyone!!!


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