Caption Contest 54!!! – Ah! The Departure of Boromir!

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That last game of Twister was too much for Boromir “That last game of Twister was too much for Boromir “

Sometimes there is a bit of Tolkien inspired artwork that just brings tears to your eyes.

Think of a caption worthy of  this image and post it in the comments section of this page. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, but be sure to use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page before posting your caption.

TolkienOnline is a “family friendly” site, so make the captions humorous, but keep all captions “clean”.

As always, the only prize is the “satisfaction of a job well done!”

Last week’s winner was  Jonathan with “”Threaten me all you want with that half-sword, Mr. Strider… I’m NOT buying you another pint!”  To see that contest and other past contests, click the “caption contest” link atop this page.

Oh boy. This week’s contest was *very difficult* to judge. There were quite a few very funny captions.

The winner was Frelga with “That last game of Twister was too much for Boromir ” but it was an extremely close call. Runners up were 

 Celtic Fairy with “Legolas tries to convince Boromir that just a touch of Neosporin will fix it right up! “

 and Elfkin with “Aragorn, why the long face?”

Other top entries were:

“Boromir: WOW Legolas, you really can shoot two arrows at one time! “

“…and as Boromir’s life slipped away, Aragorn suddenly remembered that he had left the garage door open.”

“A brutal heat wave wreaks havoc in Middle Earth: Boromir gets heat stroke in spite of abandoning his chain mail, Legolas discovers that Elves do get sunburn, and only Aragorn’s has protective clothing to keep him cool at the cost of his dignity.”

“Boromir: ‘Look, Legolas! I got my naval pierced.'”

“Aragorn: ‘Boromir, you look terrible.’   Boromir: ‘We ALL look terrible you moron!'”

“After being turned down for ‘Rocky’, the only part Aragorn could get was on the Catholic Channel. “

“Boromir: (gasping) Legolas… I thought you said a Chiropractor would *help*”

“Toss me, Aragorn. Toss me out of this picture … before I toss my cookies.
But don’t tell the elf. “

“Aragorn: A cross between Boris Karloff and the Virgin Mary.
Gimli: Looks like a nun. A bearded, axe-wielding nun.
Legolas: Still the prettiest!!
Boromir: I’m not dead yet! “

For more good entries, click to read the “comments”:)



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