Caption Contest 21! – Sam and Shelob!

by Mar 3, 2002Humour

A Scene from Charlotte’s Web II: Charlotte’s Revenge

We don’t know what the Shelob of the films will look like, or even what movie she’ll be in (though rumors abound). So until then, we will have to do with the sketches of Middle Earth News Artists, such as the one here.

Think of a humorous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of THIS page. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, but be sure to use the “back” button on your browser to return to THIS page before posting your caption.

Tolkien Online is a Family Friendly site, so keep all captions clean.

The only prize is, as always, the satisfaction of a job well done! 🙂

The winner of the last caption contest was Delving, with “This photograph, taken with a hidden camera, has sparked renewed criticism of the practice of halfling profiling…”

To see the full caption and picture, click on the “caption contest” link above.

Late Breaking News:
The winner of this caption contest is “Seebarun” with “Yet another sequel: A Scene from Charlotte’s Web II: Charlotte’s Revenge”


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