Turas Go Tir Na nOg – Journey to the Land of the Ever Young – An Irish Lullaby

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Turas Go Tir Na nOg – Journey to the land of the Ever Young

The following is a translation of an Irish song which I thought was particularly appropriate to Lord of the Rings. Tir Na nOg – the Land of the Ever Young – is that undying land in the west where the fairy folk live and to which we would all like to travel when we are weary of this world. Irish songs, even the happy ones, are often full of regret and a longing for peace. I think of Frodo Baggins when I hear this song.

If anyone wants to hear the actual song in Irish, e-mail me and I will send you an mp3 of a friend of mine singing it. Or me singing it when I learn it well enough, but that’s a little bit down the road. If anyone wants the Irish I can send you that too. As is customary in Traditional Irish Music, I must cite my source. I got this from my friend Dan Carnahan, who got it from his friend, Mick Fitzgerald, of Dublin, Ireland. The translation is by Mick Fitzgerald

Turas Go Tir Na nOg

The wind of the country is blowing
And the birds are going to rest.
The otter is going to lie in the meadow.
From the rusty face of the mountain
Comes the bleating of the lambs
And the sound of the running streams laments upon the strand.
There is loneliness in my heart.
The night seems long to me
My spirit longs to move with the sun
From this worry which is on my mind
From the treachery of the world
To a country where I could get relief from my pain.

Oh, and I am being called into the West
And the sound of the call is pleasant.
The gentle blackbird is whispering over the harbor.
Oh, I will go to my ship
And unfurl the sails
And my safe arrival yonder be granted.
Not the many lighted land of the lays would I prefer
But a land full of charity would suit me
Where there dwells generosity of heart
Between houses in peace.
There is where my affection lies – for the Land of the Ever Young


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