The Conversion of my Lil Bro – Stage 2: The Two Towers

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The Conversion of my Lil Bro — Stage 2: The Two Towers

Day 6 –
I am now giving Ed – admittedly sketchy – classes about what happened BEFORE Lord of the Rings, and he seems to be taking it in. He knows about Eru and the Valar, at least, but I have a nasty feeling he switched off before I got any further. Also, I must report a SUCCESS!!! I have persuaded Ed to read FOTR!! Joys …

Day 7 –
A dark cloud hangeth over mine head today: Ed has given up before he even finished Concerning Hobbits. Apparently it’s “boring”. Grrr…

Day 8 –
Ed introduces me to his best friend (lets call him Jack). Jack is a fellow LOTR freak. Yay! Have perpetrated a plot to work together to convert Ed: Jack gets to him at school, I get to him at home. Lets hope it works.

Day 9 –
(This is actually a long time on, at Christmas) TTT has come out! Ed almost as excited as me. Hah – he’s not so indifferent as he makes out! Me hyperventilating with anticipation. Mum not relishing me yakking on about LOTR again.

Day 10 –
We all watch TTT with Ed’s other friend (lets call him Joe). He is also a LOTR freak! I am overjoyed! Mum can-t get four seats together, so she & Ed sit together at the front, and me & Joe together at the back. We discuss Shelob, Moria and who fancies whom.
Several people say we make a lovely couple. Bleah.

Day 11 –
Ed and me talk nothing but LOTR for about a week after TTT. It would have been longer, but you know, Mum got kind of forceful – i.e. physically throwing us (or just me) out of the room when we opened our mouths.

Day 12 –
Me & my friend (lets call her Fiona) go to see TTT again. Even better than last time – except Fiona says really loudly at the end “Wow! You didn’t go to the toilet once!”. No, Fiona. “Are you going to go now?!” Yes, Fiona. “Do you need to do a really long one!?” Probably, Fiona. Shut it. Cringe. I swear, she DID say this!!

Day 13 –
I bought another copy of FOTR. I wonder if I can bribe Ed to read it …


(author’s note: sorry it’s so short. I’ll try to make them longer. In the meantime, wish me luck in my quest!)


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