My LOTR Story – A reflection

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My grandpa was a huge fan of the books, except for the hobbit, which he found quite boring. When my mom was in middle school he made her read them. Of course she loved them. So, when I was in 6th grade my mom was going to make me read The Hobbit (before the movie was ever an idea), even though my grandpa said not to.

For some reason I gave up halfway through the first chapter. Lord of he Rings was always some thing I heard about but never really KNEW about.

In 1999 my grandpa died. So when news of the movie reached my mom it was extremely bittersweet. And it was awful for me. She was throwing the Fellowship of the Ring in my face, “YOU ARE GONNA READ IT! AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!!!”

Again, I only got through half the first chapter before I went to see the movie on opening day with her. I was bored with it and “went to the bathroom” during the Bree scenes. But by the time we got to Rivendell, I was freaking out. And when Frodo met up with Bilbo is when I lost it. I missed my grandfather. I started to cry. And when Bilbo went evil when he saw the ring again I was really SCARED. So I watched the rest of the movie from under my mom’s jacket.

After the movie was over I had a huge headache and felt really sick. But my mom needed to go to Wal-Mart. So we went. On the way back to our home she asked, “How did you like it?”

I broke down. “Mom, I miss grandpa. Remember when the wizard was on the bridge and the hobbit was gonna try to save him? And they held him back and he fell? And then they were all crying? Do youu ever feel that if we had the chance like the hobbit to save grandpa that we could? Or would he still have had to die so soon?”

“I don’t know, Sarah,” she said. “Well, when we get home you can go to bed and youu will feel better.”

Well, my mom was right. For one reason or the other, I had to see the movie again. I loved it. So I called my friend. “Yeah, it was a good movie,” I told her, “except there was this one guy who had three arrows shot into him till he died!”

When we saw it with a few other friends, she was hooked too. So far we have seen it ten times together. I have FINALLY read the books (with the exception of The Hobbit).

And you know what? I haven’t felt this close to my grandfather in 3 years.


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