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Faramir travels to Imladris instead of his brother at Denethor’s insisitence(though much to Boromir’s disappointment). Once there, he relates the dream and jions the Company. Faramir, however, never argues against the destruction of the One Ring, for unlike Boromir, he realizes that it would bring only death and destruction to its wielder. No major differences occur throughout the tale until Amon Hen.
Faramir fights with Aragorn defending Merry and Pippin against the Uruk-hai while Legolas and Gimli are off elsewhere. Aragorn calls for the hobbits to run when the Uruk’s reinforcements arrive, and they turn to obey. However, they get only a few yards before being set upon by two Uruks who truss them up and carry them off. The rest of the Uruks retreat, leaving Aragorn and Faramir to try and find all four hobbits.
They search for Merry and Pippin, believing that they have hidden. Their search leads them back to the boats, where they meet Legolas and Gimli and discover that Merry and Pippin have been captured.
Faramir urges Aragorn to track Merry and Pippin while he takes Frodo and Sam through Emyn Muil. Reluctantly, Aragorn sets off with Legolas and Gimli as Faramir takes the two hobbits for a short boat ride.
They make their way through Emyn Muil, meeting up with Gollum. Faramir attempts to capture him, but Gollum runs off. Faramir and the hobbits begin to trail him. When they enter the borders of Ithilien, Faramir leaves Frodo and Sam up a small tree while he tries to capture Gollum. When he returns from his unsuccesful attempt, he discovers that the hobbits are gone.
Faramir tracks the Rangers to the Window of the Sunset, where he discovers Boromir interrogating them in a closed room. He bursts in just as Boromir tries to take the Ring, and fights hand-to-hand with his crazed brother. Faramir manages to knock Boromir unconscious and sends the hobbits off after Frodo’s pointing out that he needed to stay there.
When Boromir awakens, he remembers nothing of the events and is surprised to find his brother there. Faramir claims he has recently returned, and hearing that Boromir was in Ithilien, decided to seek him out there.
The two return to Gondor and Denethor welcomes them. Later Faramir tells Gandalf secretly of all that had occured since the parting of the Company. Gandalf agrees that he did right in sending Frodo and Sam on, but is troubled by Boromir’s attack on Frodo.
Boromir falls valiantly in battle on the Pelennor Fields and Faramir is struck down by an arrow and the Black Breath. Denethor attempts to burn himself and Faramir in grief over Boromir’s untimely death and despair over the attack, but Gandalf, Pippin, and Beregond stop him.
After this, all goes according to Tolkien.


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