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All through Lord of the Rings there is a theme of hope. With the help of my Youth Bible I have prepared this um thing, I hope you enjoy it.
In Lord of the Rings there seems to be little hope left for any of the characters, in Return of the King especially. Hope seems to have failed in every possible way. Yet despite this the characters keep going, till the bitter end. What made them keep going? In the Two Towers film Sam’s little speech sums it up nicely. `Folk in those stories, they were holding onto something.’ And then when he goes on to say `There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and its worth fighting for.’ A very relevant addition of Peter Jackson’s.
There are examples of this sort all over the world. I was reading my Youth Bible and found this story.
`El Salvador suffered a devastating earthquake in 1986. Thousands of people were hurt and killed, and many buildings were destroyed. Carlos, Raphael and Cecilia, like most people, were initially overwhelmed by the suffering and destruction. Soon, however, they organised their church youth group to help. They began by sweeping and mopping floors at their church, which sheltered 300 refugees. Then they expanded into day care, tutoring and health-care. Seeing the amazing results of their work kept the young people going, even when they felt tired or overwhelmed.
They saw their work as the Christian Challenge. Although the earthquake disaster eventually passed, they continued to help the victims of their country’s civil war. Their belief in Jesus gave them the strength to keep going.’
I thought that was an interesting story and it set me thinking about links to Lord of the Rings. These people kept going, just like the characters in Lord of the Rings. What were they holding onto? Two things. Jesus, and the thought that they could make a difference.
This little bit of hope was all they needed. Just like Sam’s speech gives Frodo hope. The people of Gondor had given up hope but the arrival of the Rohirrim gave them hope. Against all hope Sam says to himself “I’ll get there if I leave everything but my bones behind. And I’ll carry Mr. Frodo up myself, if it breaks my back and heart.”
`There is always hope.’ That line is not only relevant to Haleth, whom it was spoken to, but millions of people across the world. In your Christian life you will come across many hard times, when it feels like God has forsaken you and there is nothing more you can do. Remember these things. God will never leave you, no matter what you have done. Remember all these people, who have seen far worse than you and kept going. Think of what you are holding onto and ask God to give you strength and hope.
In the Bible there are many more examples of this and I could not name them all but if you want you could look them up when you are down. This is just something I felt God was telling me to do so I hope it has been helpful to you, reader.


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