Highlighting Winners from The Gathering Writing Contest, 2003 – The History of the Lord of the Rings ~ by Kahoelzl

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Lord of The RingsLord of The Rings

Everyone knows about the Lord of the Rings and the genius John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (J.R.R.Tolkien). He happened to be writing a children’s book: The Hobbit. After having it successfully published, the publishers wanted him to make more books. So he started The Lord of the Rings; in fact he was so absorbed in it he never got around finishing translating The Pearl. Tolkien also had a relationship with C.S. Lewis the author of the series Narina. Though their friendship strained when their books were published. Lewis’s books were selling better then Tolkien’s and he thought that his books were better (they’re selling good now!), it’s a bit selfish if you ask me.

     They have three movies on The Lord of the Rings, and out of all of them I like the Two Towers the best (though my mom says otherwise). I think Peter Jackson did an excellent job on the movies and I don’t think anyone could’ve done a better job then he did (except maybe George Lucas, no hard feelings on him). Now it is a best seller like his other books like Farmer Giles of Ham and Smith of Wootten Major.

     Tolkien’s language skills were immense allowing him to create the elvish language. It took me about three weeks to read The Fellowship of the Rings and it took about three hours to watch the movie, shows how much Tolkien was descriptive. Although he died sixty years ago many people still remember him.

     I don’t think that J.R.R.Tolkien thought that his book would be such a success in North America and that it would be a Hollywood box office movie hit or that would be one of the hottest games to hit, PS2 (Play Station 2), GC (Game Cube), X-BOX (X-Box), or PC (Computer). I have the game at home and it?s awesome! Though the book covers more information on Loth Lorien and Minas Tirth. Although I think the movie made the Haunted Mountain look and sound more menacing (in truth it almost scared the crap out of me! Not to mention my brother who was cowering under my coat).
     I have to say that I like the books for some reasons and I like the movies for others for instance the book is hard to read but you can read it over and over again until you understand it, whereas the movie you can’t rewind it if you’re watching it at the movies or you’re watching it at home and everyone else caught what they were saying. It’s happened to me when Gandalf said, “Fly you fools!” when the Balrog had him and he slipped into darkness (book 1). I have to say that my favorite part was when they were climbing the mountain and Frodo tripped and rolled down the hill when Aragorn caught him and there was Boromir picking up the ring and Aragorn says: “Give the ring to Frodo.” And Boromir said, “It is funny that so much chaos can be caused by such a small thing.”

 “Boromir!” Aragorn calls, “Gve the ring to Frodo!”
     When my mom said we were going to see, The Fellowship of The Ring, I thought it would be a lame adventure movie so I was not looking forward to it (I liked war movies on an external level and action movies). But when I got there everyone was excited and I was thinking this is going to be a bad movie. But it turned out to be an excellent movie right from the beginning to the end. That got me started into reading the book, as I had never been that interested in reading but that sparked me into reading. Though it is a hard book to read, I read it when I was nine, pretty good huh? I’m reading The Return of The King right now. I think that Tolkien didn’t want to have the word mountain mentioned in his books because it shows up an awful lot, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, The Sillamarion, Farmer Giles of Ham, Smith of Wootten Major, The Unfinished Tales etc.  He just had these ideas for this world he was making, he was making these huge, massive, drooling, Trolls and for these enraged Orcs that were intent on destroying all of humanity and then starting on the Elves to destroy.                              

     Tolkien made his book imaginative and made it a struggle of good against evil.  One side gains the upper hand and then it changes and the other side has the upper hand now. Tolkien’s books were very dramatic (though the romance between Arwen and Aragron was not mentioned as much in the books as in the movies on which my brother thought was very disgusting, I thought so too if you don’t blame me). It was also a world that had men fighting for their lives to survive because the Orcs and Trolls were slaughtering them and beating back their forces.  It is a world that the Elves cannot hold on to because of Sauron’s evil armies. It is a world that wild beasts roam and kill.

     The name Middle Earth has a meaning.  I believe that middle is between our world and a world of complete nothingness.  That’s my theory though many people have had many of them in the past and question like why did he choose Middle Earth as a setting?  Why didn’t he choose the Middle Ages as that would’ve been a little more realistic wouldn’t it? He could’ve chosen times from the ancient civilizations that might have worked, though nobody knows why he chose Middle Earth but nobody really knows as far as I know, but why?

     This book always revolves around the One Ring: there is one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie. My absolute favorite line is, “My preciouussss!”. In the movie Galadriel is the narrator and tells how Sauron is defeated by Isildur and the One Ring is cut from his fingers and Isildur takes the ring for his own instead of casting it back into the fires of Orudrium (Mount Doom), very selfish indeed. And now the Dark Lord seeks it, it is his deepest desire.

    The Hobbits are the most unique characters in the whole book I think, the way their feet are big and hairy.  They are small creatures with a taste for six meals a day and a good smoke to relieve tensions and stress. They are very funny creatures and have a good sense of humor and a special dislike for adventures, though that was until Gandalf came.  Though I can’t say that they liked adventures after that incident with the dragon.

    People should read this book it is very interesting and I enjoyed doing this report on The Lord of the Rings.


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