Highlighting Winners from the Gathering of the Fellowship Writing Contest, 2003 – Alexa and the Two Towers

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Many people have asked me if we could post the winning stories from the writing contest on the site. Some have already been published when they were resubmitted to the Reading Room. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to publish the rest of them here in my corner. I know it has taken me a while to figure that one out…sorry about that folks.


Our first highlighted entry, is a wonderful example of the Merry/Sue (Jonathan’s invention) whereby an author has inserted themselves into a story from Tolkien’s world in some way.

Well, without further ado, allow me to present the winner of the 13-15 Merry Sue category ~ TheElf. Her winning entry, Alexa and the Two Towers is below.




Alexa and the Two Towers

It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect afternoon and Alexa was galloping through the fields on her dazzling, white quarter horse, Snow. Laughing out loud as she stood up and leaned forward, she urged my horse to go even faster. 

“Noro Lim, Snow!”

Snow pricked her ears at the Elvish sounds and lengthened her stride enjoying the freedom of a full gallop.  The mare effortlessly ran on with her rider as Alexa being only thirteen years of age, and barely able to haul herself up onto the great, steed’s back, found her to be no great burden.  Alexa loved to read and her most favorite book was Lord of the Rings.  She also loved to practice Elvish on her horse and to her surprise and delight, Snow seemed to understand it.
“Whoa, pretty girl,” she said pulling on the reins.  Alexa had seen the woods fast approaching, as they sped on their merry way.  This was a part of the forest that she had never ventured through before.  Snow reluctantly slowed down to a trot snorting in protest.  The dark forests towered over the two of them as a menacing threat.  Looming overhead were very knarled and wrinkled branches that resembled an old wizard’s hands.  Alexa looked up in awe at the tall, old enchanted forest that she had discovered.  With one slow, deep breath, she and her mount nervously entered.
The deep wood was like a dark chamber.  “This is a very old forest.  It has many memories in it,” Alexa whispered underneath her breath, so as not to disturb her enchanted surroundings.  Snow was very nervous and strained at the bridle with every fearful step she took. 

They reached the very center of the forest and wanted to turn around and go back, but it was as if the forest had closed in on them and wouldn’t let them escape.  It was like somebody or something was watching them until their very doom.  The forest seemed to be ready to swallow them whole if they did one wrong move.  She urged Snow on and quietly they crept around looking in every direction to see if somebody was following them.

In the distance, before the horizon, there was a great and welcoming glow.  It seemed to invite them nearer with open arms.  Faster now, Snow trotted willingly over to the luminous mist.  They came closer and closer until the light almost burned their very eyes.  But little did they know that it was a portal and would change their lives forever.  When they were engulfed in the very middle, Snow reared up, throwing Alexa off onto the misty ground.  Alexa was so frightened and nervous, she didn’t know what to do or expect.  With the blink of an eye, Alexa threw herself back on the loyal quarter horse. 

As she looked behind her, she could barely make out the outline of an orc and she heard it hiss “You stupid little girl!”  Snow got so frightened that she took off as fast as the whispering wind and headed strait for the portal!  Alexa saw the portal, but wasn’t quick enough to turn Snow.  With a millisecond to spare, they were swallowed back into the time of Middle Earth!
Alexa awoke suddenly and looked at her surroundings.  It was a beautiful meadow, and there was a dark gloomy forest next to her on her right.  The sky was blue and she could hear some sort of hum in the wind… or in the trees.  The meadow went on and on to the horizon.  She could see the sun dancing in the sky. 

Where was she?  How did she get here? There was a sharp pain in her head.  Blood dripped down her face and she quickly wiped it off.  Then Alexa remembered. She had hit her head on a low lying branch before she appeared in this place.  Her memory had gone blank.  Then it all came back to her.  She was knocked through a portal by an orc!  This could not have happened.  “An orc is not real,” she thought as she stood up.  

Her parents must be so worried by now, she thought.  As Alexa began to digest all that had happened, she looked at her watch, it was the next day.  Only seven o’clock  in the morning.  “WOW!” Alexa thought.  Her parents must be worried sick.  She must hurry home.  Alexa got up and started one way, stopped, then started another way.  Oh no!  She was totally lost.  As she was looking in the distance, she saw four men galloping on horses toward her.  There was a very old man on one silk white horse, another younger one on a darker horse, and a very small man, and a taller one with golden blonde hair.  He looked very brave and wise.  Before she knew it, they were standing before her very eyes.  The old man pointed his staff towards her and said, “What is your business here, young lass?” he had a very strict voice and a lump formed in Alexa’s throat.  “Wait, have you seen two hobbits that are very young”, he asked.  Then she finally knew.

“You are Gandalf!” As Alexa said his name, he looked down questioningly at her.  His eyebrows rose as if she should tell him more.  “And you are Legolas,” she said pointing to the elf with blonde hair.  He seemed very surprised and looked at Alexa with his sky blue eyes as if she were a genius.  She then pointed to the short man who was obviously a dwarf… “And you are Gimli, and you are Aragorn.  You guys are part of the fellowship of the ring.  Oh, my goodness, what are you doing here?” she questioned. 

“Young lady, this is Middle Earth … now what is your business here?” Gandalf asked once again. 

“I…I…I’m…Ugh,” she couldn’t help stuttering.  “It wasn’t planned for me come here.  I should be thousands of years into the future.  An orc pushed me into a portal and then I ended up here,” Alexa finished her story taking a deep breath.
Then, in the corner of her eye, she saw Snow galloping toward her.  She had no saddle nor bridle anymore.  Her eyes were filled with fright and she yelled a high pitch whinny.  Snow had come through the portal as well. 

“Snow, oh come here! Are you okay?  Snow,” Alexa called to her soothingly.  She slowed down to a trot as she approached.  Alexa ran her hand along her body to make sure that she had no cuts or broken bones.  She was as good as new.  But Alexa wasn’t.  By now the blood on her forehead and cheek had run down her face quite quickly now.  Things started to get blurry again as before.  She fell to her knees and could not see anymore and could barely hear their faint voices.  Then everything went black. 

 * * * * * * * * * *

“She should be conscious any minute now.  This will cause her to lose some memory.  Thank you for healing her Eowyn,” Alexa could barely hear their voices, but by now it was getting a little clearer.  “Of course.  But … where did you find this young girl.  Or is she an elf?  No she doesn’t look one.” 

“Well,” Gandalf started, “We were on horseback when she just appeared in the distance by Fangorn Forest.  Before she passed out, she said that she came through a portal from the future,” Gandalf told Eowyn. 

“I don’t understand though.  If she came through a portal and it suddenly vanished… then how will she get back?”  Gandalf began to seem troubled by Eowyn’s words.

 “By my understanding Gandalf, she cannot get back.  This child is stranded here till the end of her days.”  When Eowyn said this, she sounded as if it was forced and there was pain in her voice.
Alexa was becoming more conscious but she quietly kept her eyes closed and listened intently.  Aragorn walked in hooded and cloaked.  He was walking at a fast pace. He walked straight up to Gandalf hastily… he seemed tired, frustrated, like his life would soon come to an end. 

“War is upon us,” he stated.  “King Theoden wants to flee to Helms Deep when we should stand and fight.”
All of Alexa’s strength had finally come back and she opened her eyes. Gandalf was sitting on a wooden chair next to her bed.  He was gripping his staff tightly and the other hand was laid on his head rubbing his temples slowly.  Aragorn had walked out of the room again, nowhere in sight, but Legolas and Gimli were right beside her.  Alexa was comforted by Legolas’ sweet hum of an Elven tune and began to relax when Gandalf calmly and wisely stood and walked around her bed.  “Young lady, it is the second day since we found you and you are in Rohan, the land of horses!”  Her eyes lit up at the hearing of those words. 

She quickly sat up to find a deep pain in the back of her head.  Gandalf had seen this and quickly came over.  “My dear girl, lie down and get some rest,” Gandalf gently pressed her backwards.  Legolas’ humming had stopped and Aragorn had walked back in. 

“You took quite a fall back at Fangorn,” he said. 

Alexa sat up once again, but this time more slowly. 

“What is your name?” asked Gimli.

 “I am Alexa,  from Colorado,” she answered Gimli quickly. 
Gimli had a long, rose-colored beard that hung down to his potbelly.  In his curious, brown eyes she could see bravery, strength, and friendship.  Gimli was a very polite dwarf and when he spoke, his words were soothing, like everything was going to be okay. 

Legolas had long, creamy hair and baby blue eyes.  He was enchanting.  Just to be in the same room as him was extraordinary.  Alexa admired him deeply. 

When she looked at Gandalf, she saw Saruman, the way he should be.  He had a long, wavy beard and a beautiful, white cloak.  He was rich in memories and mixed emotions.  And his staff was more noble and powerful than when he was Gandalf the Grey.  He was thoughtfully smiling, just smoking his pipe weed silently.  He was no wizard, but an angel from God.

Alexa yawned. Eowyn stood up and bustled the men out of the room.

“Now, now…You must all leave and let the poor girl rest.”

They all left the room as Alexa felt her eyelids getting heavy. Eowyn sat down beside her in the chair that Gandalf had occupied and held her hand as she sang a soft lullaby.

Sometime later Alexa opened her eyes again. A blonde smiling woman looked down at her.

“Oh Alexa, you’re awake at last!”

“Hello Eowyn,” she yawned in reply.

“But Darling, it’s me your mother. Who is Eowyn?”

Alexa was now wide-awake. “Where is Eowyn? She was here just a moment ago. And what about Gandalf, and Aragorn? Where are Legolas and Gimli?” she cried.

Alexa’s mother looked worriedly at the doctor who stood behind her.

“It must have been the knock on her head.” he answered.

“Alexa, Sweetheart. You’re safe now. You’re in the hospital. You fell from your horse and hit your head,” her mother cried.


“Yes young lady. You are very lucky that it wasn`t more serious. Basically you have a bit of a nasty cut on your head and a slight concussion. In a few days, you should be as good as new.” The doctor walked around to stand in front of her. Alexa gasped.

Except for the white doctor’s coat he wore and the pipe that poked out of the top pocket, he looked exactly like Gandalf.


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