Announcing the Writer’s Challenge! SPRING! – SPRING

by May 6, 2006Coralie's Corner

I would like to announce the Writer’s Challenge series that will begin in the Reading Room. We have some wonderful writers that contribute to our site. There are many and varied tales of Middle Earth spread all over our pages here. In fact, I am constantly amazed and thrilled to read all of the different interpretations and tales that our writers come up with. Indeed, the fabric of our Middle Earth is rich with artistic licence.

As a result, I thought it might be a nice idea to create a Challenge Series here. I must admit that this idea was first presented to me via a writer’s group that I belong to. So I can’t claim it as a completely original idea of my own. 😉 Anyway, the idea is to set a different challenge for writers here every few months (or even shorter) whereby contributions are made about a particular subject.

There are many different subject areas that people could write about regarding Middle Earth and all suggestions are welcome. Regarding the first challenge I will set; the subject shall be SPRING. That is a very easy concept for people to grasp and also a lovely one. It would be wonderful if our writers could write a short story (no longer than 500 words) in keeping with the Writing Challenge theme. In this case it is Spring.

Your story could be about anything, and I repeat anything in Middle Earth. There is a veritable wealth of ideas for you to explore regarding Spring, from Hobbits, to Elves, to Man, Dwarves or even plants of Middle Earth! I’m sure you can think of something I haven’t even mentioned.

So how about it folks? I’d love to have some entries for this challenge. 500 words is not overly long and it will help to keep the focus of your contribution strong and rich.

Let the Challenge begin!


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