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Tolkien and I; when first we met.

I remember the moment with total clarity, when one of my great loves began.

The Missing Link Chapter 3: Captive

We return to the forests again. Our hobbit friend has lost all faith and finds the true meaning of apathy by the end of this chapter. He is taken captive by a band of elves and one human. This chapter suggests that some of his past will be revealed soon.

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The Dead Marshes.

The dead marhes through the eyes of a child who witnessed it. Though it may be your initial reponse, please keep in mind that it is not based off any real characture from Lord of the Rings. I made this one all up. Please comment.

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The Missing Link Chapter 2: Ivy

We leave the fields and forsets and earth whatsoever to the sea, where a broken abused halfling sails. We hear a little about her past from her recalled memories that she remembers during her turn at lookout. Please comment again, and if you find ANY FAULT AT ALL please tell me. Thank you! 🙂

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This explains what the wearer or the ring feels because he wants to believe because it’s beautiful, it’s good. He says in reality the ring is heavy but in his dreams it’s light. He says the gold feels cool, but admits he feels like he’s burning up when he holds it. He says the uncertainty almost makes him distrust it but beauty brings him back again. Actually quite sad what the ring can do. Please comment.

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The Missing Link: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of The Missing Link. The hobbit (I’m not telling you his name yet so kindly refer to him as “the hobbit”) wakes up in a field of snow covered in blood at least 50 miles from civilization without his memory or evidence of anyone else ever being there. Please leave a comment but it’s my first attempt at a book much less mystery so be nice.

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Roses Have Thorns

How smooth- talking- Sauron tricks the kings of men into becoming wraiths. I wrote this out of a case of extreme boredom,so please excuse any grammatical badness and mistakes in English. Okay so I may have kinda hit it home a bit, but hey, I was really bored.

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