Urban Tidbits about a Rural Prince – Karl discusses Eomer

by Aug 7, 2003News

Karl Urban recently discussed ROTK with Sci-Fi Wire:


Urban Rides Again In King

Karl Urban–who reprises the character of Éomer in the upcoming third Lord of the Rings film, The Return of the King–told SCI FI Wire that his character plays an important role in the finale. “He aids the Fellowship to achieving their goal of distracting … Sauron,” Urban said in an interview. He added, “It’s just going to be epic. We’ve got the battle of Pelennor Fields. We’ve got Shelob. We’ve got the assault on Mordor, you know? It’s just going to be absolutely massive.”

Urban added that his character will appear throughout the film, unlike the last installment. “In The Two Towers, I was in the first 30 minutes, and then I sort of ride in and bring the cavalry. But in this film, I’m sort of sprinkled in … throughout the film. … Lots of fighting. Lots of tension. And you know, Éomer being at that point convinced to doing the job, to following the orders of the King [Viggo Mortensen]. … For Éomer, the sort of climax … of his character is really an emotional one, when he finds [his sister] Éowyn [Miranda Otto] on the battlefield, and she’s not supposed to be there.” Return of the King opens Dec. 17.


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